No dog is too cool for school.

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Certified professionals

We only welcome certified and experienced dog trainers and behavioural specialists in our network.

Private / Group lessons

After a private lesson in the comfort of your own home, you and your dog can follow up with a group lesson or a private one, depending on your dog’s personality.

Top 6 reasons to find a great pet trainer

More obedient

Finally, a friendly and obedient dog at home as well as outdoors

Communication is the key

You will learn how to understand his behaviour and give the proper response

Professional advice

Certified trainers are here to help you

Man’s best friend

You and your best buddy will have a healthier relationship

No more stress

You and your dog are both relaxed and understand each other

Canine Bliss

Your dog won't be unsettled anymore, they'll be as good as gold

Our Holivet guarantee provides 100% coverage for your animal in the event of an accident.

Special veterinary guarantee

Interested in being a Pet Trainer?

Join us, find a world of new clients and increase your income! We offer flexible work schedule, guaranteed payment & 10,000 + eager pet owners who can hire you.

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