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Dogwalking during the holidays

Only for independant dogs: the dog walker will come to take your dog for a long walk once or twice a day while you’re away. Suitable for dogs that can stay home on their own.

Dogwalking during the day, while you’re away

No more stressful hours spent waiting for you, your dog walker will take them for a walk that will keep them busy and help them blow off some steam.

Why are our dog walkers so awesome?

Home pickup

The dog walker will come to your place to take your dog for a walk

No more guilt

Don’t worry about leaving him alone, the dog walker is here!

A quiet evening

When you get home, your dog will be relaxed having spent the day running around

Your schedule

Choose a schedule that fits your needs

Canine bliss

No more lonely stressful hours waiting for you

A lazy afternoon

No more chasing your dog down the street!

Our Holivet guarantee provides 100% coverage for your animal in the event of an accident.

Special veterinary guarantee

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