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Tauranga Experienced Petsitter.

I am an experienced, reliable and caring petsitter. I have been petsitting for the last 4 yrs here and in the UK. I am able to provide impec...

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Tauranga pooche Patrol

My motivation is mainly an income issue,yet my love of animals and nature go hand in hand.I dont have pets or children so I have a lot of st...

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Tauranga I LOVE DOGS :)

I love dogs, I like teaching them new things,I love playing with them,I love running with them.Dogs are Very good at motivating people,.When...

Cat visits

Are you looking for someone to visit and feed your cat whilst you are away? When you leave on business or on holiday, Holidog offers you the chance to find a catsitter who will do everything for you. Don’t put your cats in a shelter anymore, call upon a Petsitter who will look after your pets in his home or in your home or they can regularly visit your home too.

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