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Hamilton Pet Carer

I'm a animal lover, I grew up in and around animals.A home isn't a home without pets, and that passion has pasted on to my kids.I've worked ...

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Hamilton Pet sitter for summer holidays

I am an 18 year old girl who has just finished school and would love some veterinary field experience before i head off to university to do ...

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Hamilton Dog walker

My background is that I have lived on a farm all my life and still to this day, I have always had dogs around from working to pets and love ...

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Holidog TEAM: Please write more about yourself (5 to 10 lines): personal information, experience, motivation, availability etc. A couple of ...

Cat visits

Are you looking for someone to visit and feed your cat whilst you are away? When you leave on business or on holiday, Holidog offers you the chance to find a catsitter who will do everything for you. Don’t put your cats in a shelter anymore, call upon a Petsitter who will look after your pets in his home or in your home or they can regularly visit your home too.

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