There are 3 dog walkers in Napier

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Napier Dreams Of A Young Age

From a very young age I always wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse, I have always loved animals. There is something about them that is extremely...

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Napier The ultimate pet experience

I have had many good experiences with dogs cats and basically any pets in my lifetime. My parents have owned many different animals, and i h...

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Napier Animal lover in need of exercise.

I have to be honest, I have little experience with dog ownership or walking, and yet, my love of animals is what has drawn me to this site. ...


Don’t have much time to walk your dog? Call upon a dog walker with Holidog. The walk will allow your dog to run around while you are away. You can choose the frequency of the walks; they will be carried out in your neighbourhood or in a surrounding park. After all, the best way to make your dog happy is to walk them.

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