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Connect with experienced 312 pet sitters in Auckland (1010) who’ll keep your pet safe and happy while you’re away. Holidog New Zealand helps you find 5-star sitters in or near Auckland (1010). Forget about dog boarding kennels and catteries: your pets will love their holiday home!

Silvia A. Premium

Mt Eden

Every-kind-of-pet sitting =)

Very reliable and punctual, I will take care of your dog as it would be mine. We have an adorable Schnoodle called Momo. He's very playful ...

Tyrone N. Premium


peaceful quiet and caring home

I’m a young professional with my partner who works from home. I am great with handling dogs and enjoy the company of them. As I am a frequen...

Leyla Y. Premium


A hounds happy home

Hey! My name is Leyla. I have always loved animals as I have grown up with plenty of them, my childhood was based on a rural farm in Dunedin...

Hannah P. Premium


Home away from home

I know what it's like when you need to find somewhere safe, warm and friendly for your pet so thought it would be a great idea to offer a tr...

Yvette M. Premium


Yvette for Pets

I did house/pet setting for a friend and really enjoyed it. They have a dog and a cat. I also have two dogs, a cat and 5 chickens. I love...

Marlene W. Premium


Pet Owners friendly pet lover.

As a mummy to a very mellow yet energetic Lochen/Poodle Maxwell (7 years old), I know how much love & attention is needed to keep a pet happ...

Sonia H. Premium


Dedicated pet carer

Hi, my name is Sonia and I absolutely love animals! I'm a 44 year old Mum who has found something that fits in with school hours and allows...

Inna K. Premium


Dogs make our lives filled.

He puts his cheek against mine and makes small, expressive sounds. And when I'm awake, or awake enough he turns upside down, his four paws ...

Dakota A. Premium


I love dogs! Let me walk your dog

I love dogs so much and I miss having one around. Due to circumstances out of my control I can't have a dog currently. Dogs are amazing and ...



Experienced, reliable and loving

I am an experienced petsitter and owner, with many years experience working at vets and pet shops. I absolutely love all animals and have wo...



Hi there, I love pets and have looked after dogs and cats. My partner has owned a lot of animals, too, dogs, horses, etc. We have a 9 year...



Qualified and Genuine Animal Lover

Hi! My name is Kirsten, and I would love to meet your pet and love it as if it were my own! I have a bachelors degree in animal welfare a...



Animal lover over here!

I have a passion for a few things. Dogs and cats being a major one. I have my own dog, her name is Angel. She is a staffy x. I have a pass...


Herne Bay

Dog carer

About me; I am an arty and homey person who enjoys writing, reading, collecting art or watching a film. I have owned 4 dogs throughout my li...



Animal Lover

I love animals as much as love working with people. Although I do not have a pet I hope that being a petsitter will help satisfy my needs of...

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Dog Lover

I have loved dogs all my life. I have studied them since I was a child and have a bit of experience being around them having family dogs and...

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Big commitment with your loved ones

Hi there, I am Alexandra , I have grown up in a family where respect for animals is a principal value, i am a dog lover, and I can guaran...

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Doggo lover

My name is Andrea and I am from Mexico and Sam is from Wellington and is my husband. Background of animals: I have had animals my whole...

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I love pets and I miss mine

I have 5 dogs snd 5 cats back in my country. I haven't seen them since 2019 and I really miss all of them. I would love to have the opportun...

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Hi I'm Laurie, a 23 year old animal lover. I've been in New Zealand for more than a year now. I'm originally from France and I really miss m...

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Grey Lynn

Happy Dogs

I love being around animals, especially dogs. I have 4 dogs back in my hometown in Lao, one Golden Retriever, she is now 4 years old ( my ba...

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Doting on your dog!

Hi there - I'm a city dweller who has grown up with dogs but unfortunately cannot have pets of my own. Living in town to be near work means ...

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Grey Lynn

A Dog's Best Friend

I've had and been around dogs and cats my whole life. Growing up my dad was a veterinarian which involved me walking dogs and feeding dogs a...

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Ambitious dog loving yoga student!

Hi all! I'm am Emmy,a 24 year old half time worker/student. I live in Auckland city with my partner --until we find a house that is better s...

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the best place for pets

I decided to be a petsitter because I had a beautiful cat in my country and I miss him a lot, and since I can not have a pet in my current h...

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