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Sejal R. Premium


I'm Here For Your Pets!

Hi! My name is Sejal and I am currently a student studying at the University of Auckland. I am on holiday right now and I would love to ...

Tyrone N. Premium


peaceful quiet and caring home

I’m a young professional who works from home. I am great with handling dogs and enjoy the company of them. As I am a frequent jogger, I have...

Nancy G. Premium


Home 'n Pet Related

A furever dog lover and will always be. I will say they are my happiness more than ever. I grow up with dogs and was with them throughout th...

Kylie C. Premium


Animals are my Friends!

I have been a passionate animal and creature lover my whole life. I have owned (or shared) dogs, cats, mice, birds, fish, turtles, bunnies, ...

Gemma P. Premium

Mt Wellington

East Auckland Doggie Hotel

I have been around dogs my whole life, growing up my family have always been pet owners. I have experience caring for spaniels (ear cleaning...


Join us ! we are more than 1,600,000 in the Holidog family around our passion for animals.

Silvia A. Premium


Every-kind-of-pet sitting =)

Very reliable and punctual, I will take care of your dog as it would be mine. Back in my home country I have one lovely dog I miss so much....

Noa S. Premium

Freemans Bay

Dog Lover

My beautiful dog of 12 years recently passed away and I miss his energy and his companionship! I am currently a student at the University of...


Beach Haven

My Love for Animals

Hello my name is Margarita. I have always loved cats and dogs. I provide professional dog walking, including a special pets approach with pr...


Herne Bay

Dog carer

About me; I am an arty and homey person who enjoys writing, reading, collecting art or watching a film. I have owned 4 dogs throughout my li...

Alex I. Premium

Mt Albert

Active dogs sitter

I am reliable, confident with dogs and absolute animal lover. I will be happy to care for your lovely dog. On the picture you can see my do...

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St Heliers

For the love of dogs

I have moved to Auckland last year to study. Extremely passionate and fond of animals, I had 2 dogs and 1 cat back home, and looked after an...

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St Heliers

I Love Animals - Pet Sit, Walking +

I absolutely love animals but I'm not in a position to have my own currently, so I'm making myself available for Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, D...

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St Heliers

Dawg paradise

Are you looking for a happy, safe and healthy stay for your doggo! We are an active dog loving couple who would love to pamper your fur baby...

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Dog Haven

Having essentially grown up alongside creatures from all walks of life, our family dog served as my constant companion throughout the entire...

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Glen Innes

Holly's Dog Party

I enjoy exercise and keeping active, going for walks exploring new landscapes particularly up in the northland region. Playing with my dogs ...

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Hi, dog lover here!

I'm studying at college as of now and think that petsitting will be a good choice to kill time while doing the things i love which is taking...

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We are a dogs lover family

My little boy is crazy about dogs ,he always pretend to be a dog and walk and talk like dogs 😄 we had two dogs before ,I know much about th...

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Doggos Sitter and Cuddler

I am Astrid, 20 years old and I am currently in my last semester of my Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance study, majoring in violin....

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Caring Animal Lover

Up until recently, my family and I have always had pets. Mostly cats but we have had fish, rabbits and guinea pigs too. We have even looked ...

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St Johns

Real care & fun

Hi, I am Marketa - Czech girl enjoying the year in New Zealand ...but what is more - I love animals! I work during the week days, but I fini...

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Dogs for Days

I am looking for dog walking opportunities. I would love to also pet sit but would have to be at your place as my house already has one saus...

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Mission Bay

Student/Mission Bay - Love Animals

Hi there, I am a student currently doing a medical based study, I have a love for animals and am in the Mission Bay area. I am from Hawke...

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St Heliers

I love animals :D I'm a Swiss girl (29) who loves animal. I grew up in a vineyard with lots of different animal, from dogs and cats to go...

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Passionate dog groomer in training

My name is Sophie and I am currently training to be a dog groomer. I am passionate about dogs and have lifelong experience with them, I can'...

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House of dog lovers

My name is Marie, I’m 28 and originally from Belgium. Growing up, we always had dogs. Now I moved in with two lovely women (27 & 25), who l...

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