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Aliana C. Premium


A Couple of Dog Lovers

My partner and I are available to dog sit this summer, and possibly into the next year. Ali is a medical student, two years away from gradua...

Kara J. Premium

Aro Valley

I enjoy animal care, which is why I work at Animates. I love the out doors and go for walks regularly with my dogs morning and afternoon I'm...

Harry D. Premium

Wellington Central

Love for dogs and helping others!

Hello guys, ever since I can remember I've had a dog, that is until I made the move to New Zealand. Until I get my own dog I'd love to he...

Tom N. Premium


Well-trained Human!

Hi! I grew up the only child in a home with 8 dogs, so...I love all things dogs. Going for a run on Lyall Bay Beach, hiking around the To...

Heidi N. Premium

Aro Valley

Caring for Pets

Hi there, Thanks for stopping by. I have been a casual dog walker and pet sitter for several years now. I am 32 years old. I have thre...


Join us ! we are more than 1,600,000 in the Holidog family around our passion for animals.

Julie T. Premium


Home away from home

I love animals. I have always had animals in my life, dogs especially, cats, horses and rabbits. I have a great respect for them as they can...



House and Pet Sitter!

My Name is Aimee-Jo and Im a massive animal lover! Unfortunately living in Wellington I'm unable to have a pets, I currently work full time ...

Jillian R. Premium


Need a dog walker or pet sitter?

Even though I don't have any pets, I really love dogs and enjoy walking and exercise so I thought that I could be a dog walker or even look ...

Laura C. Premium


I absolutely love animals! I am currently studying part-time finishing off my degree as well as looking for part-time work. I would love to ...

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Lyall Bay

Dogs are Zen Masters

I have a beautiful dog, a foxy/cocker spaniel and through knowing her over the last 10 years I have come to love and respect dogs. I am an a...

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Biggest Dog Lover ever!

Hello! My name is Ana, I am an 18-year-old living in Seatoun! I lived in many countries over my 18 years, such as Philippines, Thailand, Sin...

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Breaker Bay

I have a passion for dogs I own 2. one boarder collie and also a hunterway. I also have a hobby as a dog trainer i have been doing so for 7 ...

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I have always been a very big dog person, no matter the type of dog, big and small. I used to own a Labrador of my own until she passed away...

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I love pets I love having a something that wants your love and depends on you. I love having responsibilities I find pets very therapeutic. ...

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Beach escape for Dogs

Hi there, I have recently moved out to the lovely new Brighton which my dog loves, I came across the pet sitter advert and thought id give i...

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Paradise for animals

I am a responsible, punctual, honest, reliable, organised and hard working individual. I perform well when assigned tasks and like to work i...

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Peace of mind

I have an absolute passion for animals and some Saturdays I volunteer at the SPCA. I have 3 cats and they are my babies. I know the feeli...

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Home away from home!

I am a student who has finished for the year and is now working part time. I live with my partner and we have a two bedroom too flat in a ho...


Aro Valley

Ready to give pats

Having grown up with Golden Retrievers, I've always had a soft spot for dogs, but it wasn't until I left New Zealand and had time with stray...


Mt Cook

Dog sitter

Hi there. I am currently a 34 year old student working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing & Spanish at Massey Univer...

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Mount Victoria

Around-thirty dog loving couple

Me and my boyfriend are a Swedish, around 30 yrs old couple with no kids, and we recently moved to Wellington, NZ. We absolutely LOVE dogs a...

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Sharing the love with dogs or cats

Hi. I love animals but it's quite the long-term committment and while I'm working full time and who knows about future accomodation I'm not ...

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Mt Cook

What I'd Rather Be Doing

I am super passionate about animals and would love to help take care of your pet, big or small. Because I am in an apartment I cannot have a...

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Aro Valley

Dedicated Animal Lover

Hello everyone, This is Dila. A passionate animal lover, vegan and and an animal activist who is originally from Turkey and living in Well...

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Oriental Bay

Crazy Cat Lady

I am a huge lover of animals and i'm drawn them before people a lot of the time haha. Having no outside space at my house sadly means it's n...

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