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Connect with experienced 20 pet sitters in Rakaia (7781) who’ll keep your pet safe and happy while you’re away. Holidog New Zealand helps you find 5-star sitters in or near Rakaia (7781). Forget about dog boarding kennels and catteries: your pets will love their holiday home!

Lisa Y. Premium


Hearts of Gold

Hi! My name is Lisa . I have an ENORMOUS love for animals and have grown up around animals my whole life. I feel absolute freedom and the ha...

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Passionate about Pets..!

Hi, My name is Elysia I'm 26 and own my own home in Halswell around the corner from the Halswell Quarry dog park. I work for a textile...

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Animals are forever

I absolutely love animals and would have a zoo by now if it were manageable! I have had plenty of pet experience in my 20 years my pets hav...

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Dog Lover!

I have just moved back to NZ after 2 years of being in the U.K. With my family but when we left we had to leave a poor little pooch behind. ...

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Doggy Daycare

My love of all animals has made me go down this road of a petsitter. I have my own dog who is my third child. I will treat your dog as if ...

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soft spot for dogs and all pets

i am an south african immigrant who has immigrated to new zealand seeking a safer happier lifestyle and am know curently at ashburton colleg...

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No1 Dog lover!

I have experience working with all kinds of animals, not to mention I love playing and working with them. Dogs are a great companion to have...

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Will take any kind of dog

Hello im about to move to Greymouth from christchurch i love animals and used to have a few dogs of my own i always take pride in what i do...

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For the past two and a half years I have been working part time as a Pet Consultant at a pet store. I am qualified, with a Certificate in An...

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Home Away From Home

Why pay big money to put your pets into a kennel when they can be taken care of in a home very much like your own. Hi There, I'm Gem...

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animal lover

hi I'm Florenci I'm from Argentina ,I always had a special love for animals and especially dogs and cats, in Argentina many dogs and cats li...

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Pet angel

Hi, This is Jatinder(JD), I love pets(dogs and cats). I also a owner of lovely cat. I offer dog walk and pet care service, your pet will h...

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Great Fun For Dogs

I think I would be a great pet sitter because I love animals my kids love animals we have a big back yard where they can run free we have a ...

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Hoon Hay


my motivation to become a petsitter is my love for all animals and the happiness caring for animals gives me. i know i can take the best of ...

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animal obsessed

Willing to take all animals but dogs home. But will travel anywhere to take best care of your animals. Travel up to three times a day for as...

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I have a love for dogs. My father currently has a Husky and a Doberman and I love caring for them if I'm visiting him. I am fit and can take...

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Lovely pets

What made me decide that I would love to become a pet sitter is that i have always had a massive love for all animals especially dogs, I've ...

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I love animals.I have a passionate for all animals. I am willing to look after pets aswell as walk them as I am also wanting to exercise whi...

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