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Connect with experienced 78 pet sitters in Warkworth (0981) who’ll keep your pet safe and happy while you’re away. Holidog New Zealand helps you find 5-star sitters in or near Warkworth (0981). Forget about dog boarding kennels and catteries: your pets will love their holiday home!

Yvette M. Premium


Yvette for Pets

I did house/pet setting for a friend and really enjoyed it. They have a dog and a cat. I also have two dogs, a cat and 5 chickens. I love...


Herne Bay

Dog carer

About me; I am an arty and homey person who enjoys writing, reading, collecting art or watching a film. I have owned 4 dogs throughout my li...


Beach Haven

My Love for Animals

Hello my name is Margarita. I have always loved cats and dogs. I provide professional dog walking, including a special pets approach with pr...

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Tindalls Beach

The Cat Carer

Connie will provide one on one cat love and care for your beloved pet while your away. Your precious pet will sense that I am their friend a...

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Pet Enthusiast

I love animals big or small and I enjoy their company very much. However as I do not have an enclosed yard and depending on what type of pet...

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Browns Bay

Caitlin Loves Cats!

I am a 23 year old pet lover. I am a student currently studying to be a primary school teacher at Massey University. I have always loved ...

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Browns Bay

Happy dogs, Happy life

Hi there my name is Ella Meredith. I am 20 years old soon to be 21. I have lived in New Zealand for 13 years. My family and I moved from Eng...

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Phoebe - Albany

I grew up in the country so have been around animals all my life. I have some previous experience pet sitting and dog walking. I have...

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Dog Lover

I`ve always loved dogs and animals. I have two dogs (a Rhodesian Ridgback and a Cross-breed) back in my home country and I miss them so much...

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I decided to become a pet sitter to help the community when they go away, and don't necessarily want to send their dogs or cats to a boardin...

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Dog's Bestie

Being an onky child I grew up having my d9gs by my side. Always felt like i have a bestie. My dogs bring me so much johly and always helos m...

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Unfulfilled grown child seeks pets

Hi there! I'm April, freshly turned 25 years young, and ready to spoil your pets! I currently work in the architecture industry and qu...

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For the love of dogs!

Good day, I’m Carina, a young professional dog lover. My fiancé and I have been living in this beautiful country for over a year now but ...

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Te Atatu Peninsula

Woof Pack

Well what can I say, i friking love animals !!!!! I have recently started studying Vet Nursing full time and would love the oppornunity to ...

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Dog Haven

The reason I would love to become a petsitter is because I adore animals alot.I have always loved them since a young age which grew so much ...

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The love of all pets

I am spending the next few months here in Devonport before returning to South Africa for university, and I am hoping to do some pet care whi...

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Doting on your dog!

Hi there - I'm a city dweller who has grown up with dogs but unfortunately cannot have pets of my own. Living in town to be near work means ...

Deb H. Premium


Experienced, reliable and loving

I am an experienced petsitter and owner, with many years experience working at vets and pet shops. I absolutely love all animals and have wo...


Browns Bay

Animal Enthusiast

I absolutely love animals. When I moved up to Auckland I had to leave my pets behind with the family therefore I would love a job that puts ...


Beach Haven

Kind hearted animal lover

Hi, I have always loved being around animals and want to be able to put that passion into making sure other people's pets get the best possi...

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Just that i love animals, and i walk every day in Wellsford. i have had dogs of my own in the uk would really like to be able to walk dogs i...

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Snells Beach

I am a nurse by profession in the philippines. I do love pets and any kind of animals. I used to have 3 dogs back there in our country. I ca...

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have fun with Eva the Jack Russell

Being a dog owners our selfs and having a love of dogs, we know the scary feeling of sending your dog into a kennel or asking family members...

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Lous Love for dogs

I have two dogs Rocky a staffie and Marley a Jack Russell of my own who I adore so much, I always look after family and friends dogs, love t...

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Arkles Bay

petsitting in your home

I love animals and know how hard it can be finding someone trustworthy to look after your pets. I did my first dog-sitting job last month a...

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